Digital iQ Conference Schedule

1pm: Opening address – Chad Harwood – Jones: Founder, Digital iQ


1:10pm: Sam Wright: Head of Search & Content, Ad-Rank Media – How to create an award winning PR campaign that fuels SEO

In late 2016 Ad-Rank won a prestigious Search Award for their ‘Best Use in Search’ campaign ‘The cost of living on a cruise ship vs. living in London’. In this presentation Sam will discuss the challenges organisations face when it comes to integrating PR with SEO, and how to overcome them. He will also talk through the planning and implementation of Ad-Rank’s award winning campaign and the results it achieved for


1:40pm: Gary Gumbleton: Content Strategist, Instant Magazine – Video content strategy 101

Having planned and implemented 100s of campaigns Gary’s presentation will focus on the basics of video marketing and how to approach it. Covering the essentials on how to build a strategy from scratch, how you can produce content yourself and what to prioritise, Gary will share tips that will save you time and money, while enabling you to produce a quality campaign that’s right for your business, no matter what sector you operate in.


2:10pm: Ralph Du Plessis: Director, Red Mud Media – How to Make More Time for Stress-Free SEO & Content Marketing 

SEO & Content Marketing involves countless moving parts and is evolving all the time. Staying on top of it all can be overwhelming, especially when things go wrong. Whether you’re a one-person startup or part of a large team at a multi-national brand, Ralph has been in your position during his 18+ years as a digital marketer. This session will look at some of the common pitfalls and how to avoid them through automation, processes and checklists.


2:40-3:10pm Break


3:10pm: In focus interview with Ben Phillips, CTO and founder of

Digital iQ founder, Chad Harwood – Jones will interview Ben and discuss the story behind the online personal stylist start up, Having recently secured their second round of funding (£4 million) and building its client base to over 500,000 customers, Chad will focus questions on the conception of the business, the challenges Thread has faced along the way and how they have managed to grow a VC backed business at scale in such a short space of time.


3:50pm: Stuart Ashen, Professional YouTuber: How brands can successfully leverage YouTube influencers

Norwich’s own YouTube sensation ‘Ashens’ has worked as a professional YouTuber for over 11 years now. In his time, Stuart has worked with a number of brands and seen influencer marketing evolve dramatically. In his talk, he will share his experiences working with brands and offer tips and advice on how to benefit from YouTube influencer marketing. No matter the size or type of your business, video marketing is only set to grow and should be something you embrace in 2017.


4:20pm: Geoff Willings, Founder, Evance: How Brexit will affect the e-commerce industry

Brexit is big on everyone’s minds right now, and Geoff Willings of bespoke content management system Evance will be joining us to share his take on how Britain leaving the EU could affect eCommerce. As the founder of a company looking to help businesses get ahead in trading abroad, his presentation will offer tips and insight into taxation, documentation, streamlining the dispatch process and what it all means. For those trading with the EU this will be one not to miss and its sure to generate some debate at the networking that follows.


4:50-6pm: Drinks and networking

Stick around and meet like-minded people and share your experiences.