Confirmed Speakers


Ben Phillips

CTO & Co-founder of Thread.com

Ben was the CTO and co-founder of Playfire, the largest social network for gamers. He grew it to 1.5 million customers before it was acquired. Before that he was the lead engineer at an advertising technology startup which was acquired by Google.

GitHub / Twitter / Blog


Stuart Ashen

Professional YouTuber (Ashens)

Stuart is an English Youtuber who has nearly 1.3 million subscribers and his videos attract around 6 million views a month. One of his most popular video reviews are POPstations; reproduction versions of major commercial gaming hardware manufactured and distributed by unlicensed 3rd-party companies.

He has also taken part in collaborative film projects, such as Ashens and the Quest for the Game Child, and the web series The Proxy.



Sam Wright

Head of SEO & Content – Ad-Rank Media

Starting out his career as copywriter and journalist, Sam has 10 years of experience in SEO, content marketing and PR, having delivered integrated projects for some of the UK’s most well known brands including Sotherbys, Bernard Matthews & TUI. His role at Ad-Rank is to ensure the delivery team are armed with the right tools and knowhow to effectively deliver campaigns.


Ralph Du Plessis

Managing Director – Red Mud Media

Ralph started his career in 1999 at a startup in London doing everything from ad sales to SEO and banner design.

He has since worked in both agencies and client side for brands such as LastMinute.com and TravelZoo, primarily on search marketing (PPC & SEO) with content marketing and social media now key components of that mix.

He moved to Silicon Valley in 2011 for an 18-month stint before returning to the UK where he now oversees Content Marketing and SEO for a selection of clients in the UK and US.

Gary Gumbleton

Media Consultant – Instant Magazine 

Gary returned from New Zealand last year after spending 8 years growing video content agency Frontside Media, who have established themselves as one the countries leading experts in social media strategy. During his time at Frontside, Gary was delivered over 1500 videos and built content strategies for the likes of Moet, Heineken, Mercedes and Uber.

Gary has now works in London for interactive content platform, Instant Magazine, helping agencies effectively publish magazine content for their clients.

Geoff Willings

Founder -Evance

An early adopter of the web world, Geoff started building and designing websites in 1998 and formed Azexis alongside his brother. Over the years, Geoff has built on his knowledge and experiences in eCommerece from working with online businesses which has lead him to create Evance, a CMS and eCommerce platform (www.evanceit.co.uk).

Evance is uniquely positioned to make international trading simpler than ever for wholesalers and manufacturers in the UK, and with the recent Brexit vote taken into consideration, Geoff will share his take on how leaving the EU will affect eCommerce for UK businesses looking to trade abroad.